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WIREGRRRL is a queer maker of things. Art, music, games. Fiction/non-fiction.

Whatever is desired.

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  • Discord: wiregrrrl
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2023-9-07: Minor tweaks + added/removed stuff in gallery

2023-7-14: Complete overhaul of the website completed!

2023-I forgor: Butterfly//Circuit Prologue is released on Steam and

2023-6-02: Butterfly//Circuit Prologue coming June 9th!!!!!

2023-3-07: New dev log

2023-2-10: There is now a working gallery! Now you can see all my art right here on the site! Also, the Butterfly Circuit prologue is close to done. Now it's thesis time.

2023-1-25: More progress on the site. More progress on my visual novel. Progress Progress Progress. God I'm so fucking productive FUCK

2023-1-18: More site updates including dev blog

2023-1-18: Updated this site! Thank you sadgrl for the html generator, it's a lifesaver. More updates to come!

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