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~Music Projects~

  • <Current Personal Projects>
  • Paper Flesh
  • DnB, electronic, industrial, glitchcore, experimental

  • Interstition
  • Black metal, DSBM, post-black metal, atmospheric black metal, emo

  • Butterfly//Circuit
  • Currently working on music for my visual novel. [Published under Paper Flesh]

  • I am simply not putting my old projects here because they kinda stank.

  • <Other Projects>
  • Thing Clicker

    Responsible for all music.

  • Noise Jam 2 Noise Jam 3 Noise Jam 4

  • I made a bunch of music for a bunch of games by someone I knew but they ended up being an awful person!

    As a result I'm not linking that music here but just know I made some real bangers alright?


I've made some crappy instruments for college. Check em out here

Check out my current music library here!

(Beware, there's some cringe that I haven't gotten around to deleting because I'm a hoarder.)

((Also, this is not updated regularly.))