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Glimmers of hope are hard to come by, so what happens when the one you have is suddenly snuffed out? In the dark recesses of the city, just out of sight, silhouettes come in to view and connections start to form. Butterfly//Circuit is a cyberpunk thriller kinetic visual novel.

From up and coming solo developer WireWARE, Butterfly//Circuit is a kinetic visual novel thriller exploring conspiracy and loss in a cyberpunk setting. Featuring original music and art supporting a handcrafted narrative, Butterfly//Circuit is a moody and emotional reading experience. Solve the mysteries and find the truth.



Free Prologue available to download!

NEKROLYZE :: Abandoned but could be resurrected

Death cults, eschatology, and spinal capital.

Some of the stuff from this got sucked into Butterfly Circuit, whether it's names, or themes. The artstyle is definitely in the same vein.

A lot was done but progress eventually petered out with communication dwindling.

It would be cool to revisit this some day.

CHEEB'S ODYSSEY :: I will not rest till Cheeb is real.

Cheeb has been lodged in my brain for many years.

A day will come where he will be birthed into the world and the world shall quake.

Until then, all I have is a failed Unity project, and a failed RPG Maker project.

The main downfall was A) not understanding some fundamental RPG Maker things that would have helped, and B) getting ahead of myself and developing myself into a wall before really knowing where the story is going.

The curse of enthusiasm.

The lessons were learned and someday he will be real. For now, other projects take priority.

If anyone wants to help me and be my code ape programmer then hit me up.